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Adolfo Núñez
Adolfo, Núñez
please visit: www.adolfonunez.com

Adolfo Núñez (Madrid, 1954) completed higher studies on Composition, Guitar and Industrial Engineering. Among his composition professors were Guerrero, Bernaola, G. Abril, Ferneyhough and de Pablo. He obtained an M.A. from CCRMA (Stanford USA), studding computer music with J. Chowning and L. Smith, granted by the US-Spanish Joint Committee (Fulbright program). He leads the studio LIEM from INAEM (Madrid). His works (instrumental, electroacoustic, computer-music, video/film, sound installations, etc.) have received several prizes like: Polifonía (Spain, 1982), Gaudeamus (Holland, 1983), Paul & Hanna (Stanford, USA, 1986), Bourges (France, 1994), Musica Nova’95 (Tscheck Rep.), Neuen Akademie Braunschweig (Germany, 1996), SGAE (Spain, 2003), etc. They have been performed at SIMC 1996 (Copenhagen), Synthèse (Bourges), Art Sacré97 (Paris), Futura98 (Lyon), SME 1997 (Brasilia), Vidarte (México, 1999), JIEM (Madrid, 2003), Multiphonies GRM-Radio France (Paris, 2006), 'Festival Ai-Maako' (Chile, 2008), 'Festival Latinoamericano' (Caracas), 'Foro de Música Contemporánea' (México, 2010), etc. He has received commissions from the Círculo de Bellas Artes (Madrid), Orquesta y Coros Nacionales de España, IMEB (Bourges), Radio Nacional de España (Ars Sonora), Daniel Kientzy, Sax Ensemble, Festival de Músicas Contemporáneas de Barcelona, Musica/Realtá (Milan), universities from Navarra and Málaga, GRM (Paris), Instituto Valenciano de la Música, Grupo La Folía, 'Clásicos en Verano' (Comunidad de Madrid), Plural Ensemble, ORCAM, etc. Associate professor from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, in addition he gives courses, lectures and writes in several periodicals about science and new technology for music. He has written the book 'Informática y Electrónica Musical' (Editorial Paraninfo).
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