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Manuel Bonino Medina
Manuel, Bonino Medina
Phd at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Higher Degree in Composition, Piano, Chamber Music and Improvisation. Winner of Extraordinary End of Career Prize in Composition. Postgraduate studies on composition with Wolfgang Rihm (Karslruhe, Germany). Courses on musical analysis, jazz, piano performance, composition, electroacoustic, improvisation, etc (Sciarrino, Sánchez-Verdú, Vaggione, etc.).
His catalog includes chamber, choral, orchestral, electroacoustic and popular music arrangements, with a dozen of CD recordings. His orchestral music and choral music has been awarded. His music has been played in Madrid, La Habana, Barcelona, Berlín, Paris, Praga, Budapest, Shanghai, etc., by performers as Joseph van der Linden, Radovan Cavallin or Julian Elvira, and orchestras as OFGC, Hungarian Chamber Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonietta of Paris, in auditorium as Konzertahus (Viena), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Cadogan Hall (London), etc.
As improviser he has played piano solo, with live electronics, in duo or with groups at Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, etc. As performer has premiered music of various composers.
His arrangements of popular music has been played for many orchestras as OUMV, Philarmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria, Symphonic Orchestra of Tenerife, etc.
He has been president of PROMUSCAN (Association for the Promotion of Music composed in the Canary Islands) and he is secretary of AIM (Association of Improvisers). He is founder member of #(928), multidisciplinary group dedicated to audio-video improvisation with electronics, and of Ensemble Salvaje, an orchestra dedicated to premiere the music of current composers and to improvisation. Nowadays he is Professor of Composition, Orchestration, Jazz and Popular Music and Electroacoustic Music at the Higher Conservatory Of Canary Islands.
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